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Asdfhjjbbkkdsfvnllubvyy this picture is so sexual. *ovaries explode and I die*

Asdfhjjbbkkdsfvnllubvyy this picture is so sexual. *ovaries explode and I die*

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Somewhere in LA…

…my fic February Stars is being read aloud.

Life is good.

Anonymous said: I just started to read your stranger things fic (I'm a late comer) and I noticed this in chapter 59&60; "I had just returned from quick to the grocery store and walked into the house to find Dave and JD sitting on the floor in the living room in front of two of Dave's small bongo drums. Dave was beating out a catchy tattoo and JD was squealing with delight." I'm sorry but I'm laughing so hard at Dave beating out a catchy tattoo. I take it this was a spelling mishap?!

I’m so glad you are reading STHHIK! And no, this was not a spelling error (although there are many!)

Tattoo also means (per google dictionary) an evening drum or bugle signal recalling soldiers to their quarters.
an entertainment consisting of music, marching, and the performance of displays and exercises by military personnel.
a rhythmic tapping or drumming.

This learning moment has been brought to you by Dave Grohl’s bongos. Xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said: btw your bffs at foofiction are making fun of you



Aw, I don’t think that’s how they meant it. If anything it’s just some lighthearted teasing ;)

But thanks for looking out for me, doll!


Can’t we all just get along?

Nobody is making fun of anyone - We love stacked-actors-fanfic and we are told she loves us back. Hell, we even asked her to join the FFC in the beginning and were heartbroken when she was too busy to do so.

Everybody breathe. It’s all straight up love here in the FooFiction world. Period.

xo -FFC

Why is tumblr so angry?

stacked-actors-fanfic said: That audio clip is my life. I think I'm in love with each one of you for very different reasons.


<3 We all love you back.

We were worried for a moment that you would think we were insane… or jerks - but I suppose all of us foofic writers are the same kind of insane. ;)

Sidenote - there is basically audio of that entire dramatic scene… we may have to figure out how to post more/send it to you.

xo - FFC (specifically foofan606 and nowaybackfic)

I’d pay money to be able listen to nowaybackfic read me Foo Fiction all day long.




In today’s dork news - nowaybackfic and foofan606 decided to read each other Foo Fiction (because clearly it should be available in AudioBook format).

Please enjoy an excerpt from FooFiction legend stacked-actors-fanfic….

(we are idiots).

*bows* You’re welcome, internet.

*replays forever*


What writing an erotic fan fiction scene looks like.

Especially when your husbands in the same room&#8230;..


What writing an erotic fan fiction scene looks like.

Especially when your husbands in the same room…..



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Chapter 17 - The Kings of Second Chances - Pat & Molly


We’re back again with another fabulous chapter from our beloved binkytittington - Dying to know what’s next for Pat and his quirky old flame? The future is now…. xo-FC


Grunting, Molly fell backwards on to the bed. Clawing at the sheets beneath as Pat stood over her, amused, she managed to claw her way towards the pillows, before promptly losing her grip entirely and landing on the floor with a thump, followed by a huge groan, on to an empty pizza box.

Pat laughed at her before offering her a huge hand to pull her back up, careful not to get pizza sauce on him. Breathing laboured from the unexpected fall she’d just taken, Molly patted her hair, lest it be messy, and tried to salvage some dignity from the situation.

It had been a bad idea to invite Pat back to her bachelorette pad, but after his declaration, she felt like she had to delve deeper. Which, had she been sober, would have been the mature thing to do. However, she was still wobbly from the bubbles, and when coupled with Pat’s words lamenting the end of their previous relationship, she was as high as a kite. A graceless, badly steered kite. Reaching across to her bedside table for a cigarette, and finding an empty packet, she realised that she was stalling for time. Trying to impress him with a tour of her grubby little home had been a mistake, especially when her wedges had become tangled in her sleeping bag, which was tossed unceremoniously on the floor, and she took a prat fall on to the bed.

"Molly, you’re still such a slut!" Pat admonished, delving into his jacket pocket for his cigarettes and tossing them towards her. "I hope you weren’t planning on seducing me in this fucking filth pit." 

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