She Knits a Snare - Chapter 1


Hello and welcome to my brand new Kasabian/Sergio Pizzorno Fan Fiction! As the author of nowaybackfic - a Foo Fighters fanfic starring their drummer Taylor Hawkins, I had a lot of fun introducing Sergio as a secondary character. So much fun, in fact, that I knew I would have to write him his own story! So here goes…

It’s been two weeks and I think I’m finally figuring this city out… maybe. I miss Chicago, but London’s beginning to grow on me. I may need a TOPSHOP intervention and this is definitely an amazing city for street style. Women here are bold and incredibly creative with their fashion – and don’t get me started on the men! My gosh! It’s a whole new world out here, ladies!

“Almond milk latte?”

Anna looked up from her laptop and stopped typing. Her second latte of the day was ready. She lowered her screen and stood, quickly navigating her way through the small café and smiling at her gorgeous barista as she accepted the hot mug. He winked as he handed it to her and she felt herself blush.

Back at her seat, she tilted her screen up again, reading over her post so far. She made a few edits and uploaded some photos she had taken near Trafalgar Square the day before.

The small bell attached to the café door jingled, and Anna looked up again just in time to see a waif-like blonde breeze in and plant a kiss directly on her barista’s mouth. She sighed, her eyes quickly moving back to her computer screen. Different city, same shit. She brushed a stray piece of jet black hair from her cheek, smoothing it back into place, her heavy bangles sliding down her wrist as she did so, the sound they made earning her an annoyed look from the elderly lady the next table over. Anna made a valiant effort not to roll her eyes and continued typing, making sure her long, gold-coated nails clicked extra loudly against the keys.

A whole new world, and yet it’s the same in many ways. Jerks are still jerks, even if they’re wearing Burberry. I’ll leave it at that.

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Asdfhjjbbkkdsfvnllubvyy this picture is so sexual. *ovaries explode and I die*

Asdfhjjbbkkdsfvnllubvyy this picture is so sexual. *ovaries explode and I die*

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Somewhere in LA…

…my fic February Stars is being read aloud.

Life is good.

Anonymous said: I just started to read your stranger things fic (I'm a late comer) and I noticed this in chapter 59&60; "I had just returned from quick to the grocery store and walked into the house to find Dave and JD sitting on the floor in the living room in front of two of Dave's small bongo drums. Dave was beating out a catchy tattoo and JD was squealing with delight." I'm sorry but I'm laughing so hard at Dave beating out a catchy tattoo. I take it this was a spelling mishap?!

I’m so glad you are reading STHHIK! And no, this was not a spelling error (although there are many!)

Tattoo also means (per google dictionary) an evening drum or bugle signal recalling soldiers to their quarters.
an entertainment consisting of music, marching, and the performance of displays and exercises by military personnel.
a rhythmic tapping or drumming.

This learning moment has been brought to you by Dave Grohl’s bongos. Xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said: btw your bffs at foofiction are making fun of you



Aw, I don’t think that’s how they meant it. If anything it’s just some lighthearted teasing ;)

But thanks for looking out for me, doll!


Can’t we all just get along?

Nobody is making fun of anyone - We love stacked-actors-fanfic and we are told she loves us back. Hell, we even asked her to join the FFC in the beginning and were heartbroken when she was too busy to do so.

Everybody breathe. It’s all straight up love here in the FooFiction world. Period.

xo -FFC

Why is tumblr so angry?

stacked-actors-fanfic said: That audio clip is my life. I think I'm in love with each one of you for very different reasons.


<3 We all love you back.

We were worried for a moment that you would think we were insane… or jerks - but I suppose all of us foofic writers are the same kind of insane. ;)

Sidenote - there is basically audio of that entire dramatic scene… we may have to figure out how to post more/send it to you.

xo - FFC (specifically foofan606 and nowaybackfic)

I’d pay money to be able listen to nowaybackfic read me Foo Fiction all day long.




In today’s dork news - nowaybackfic and foofan606 decided to read each other Foo Fiction (because clearly it should be available in AudioBook format).

Please enjoy an excerpt from FooFiction legend stacked-actors-fanfic….

(we are idiots).

*bows* You’re welcome, internet.

*replays forever*


What writing an erotic fan fiction scene looks like.

Especially when your husbands in the same room&#8230;..


What writing an erotic fan fiction scene looks like.

Especially when your husbands in the same room…..



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