That moment you want dave grohl to be in a position like this on your bed.♥♥♥ I know I would.


That moment you want dave grohl to be in a position like this on your bed.♥♥♥ I know I would.

Getting to Know the FFC - FooFan606

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about FooFan606 but were too afraid to ask…..!


You know her, you love her. The totally talented and wonderful foofan606! Author of not one, but two fab pieces of Foo Fiction, and the one who kicked off our very own collective story!


Name: Sarah aka foofan606

Location/Time Zone: Massachusetts. (Eastern Standard Time)

Favorite real-life book: Far too many to list! The last book I read was Light and Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page

Favorite film: Again way too many to list but definitely anything by Wes Anderson.

Describe your Foo Fighters dream date: I’m a reporter for my college newspaper and I get assigned to interview The drummer from Nirvana. We meet for coffee and I become his pretend girlfriend. Things end horribly but after a tumultuous 10 years we reunite……..

What era of Foo’s is your favorite?: 1999. There is nothing left to lose. After Shiflett joins the band of course.

Which Foo Fighters song gives you the most feels? (Please include a gif to fully express said feels): Aurora.


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Chapter 8 - The Kings of Second Chances - Taylor & Kari


Round two starts NOW! We’re back with Taylor and Kari - how did their first date go? Let’s find out…


Kari looked at her reflection in the mirror for the twelve hundredth time and smoothed down the front of her dress. She was going to a party for a Foo Fighter with another Foo Fighter. She knew that getting involved with online dating would result in some interesting encounters, but she never thought she’d end up with a celebrity.

She’d been sitting across from him at Starbucks, too giddy with first date jitters to recognize the drummer from one of her favorite bands. They’d been making small talk when Taylor recognized a friend, a cute girl wearing scrubs.

“Aren’t you supposed to be recording an album or something?” She’d said.

Taylor had laughed and introduced her as Maura, Chris’s girlfriend, and then they’d talked about heading over to Dave’s. As Maura waved good-bye it clicked. Taylor. Chris. Dave. An album. Holy fuck. She didn’t know what to say next. The look on her face must have registered recognition.

“So… um…” he began, “This band I’m in… you may have heard of them…”

Heard of them? Who hadn’t heard of the Foo Fighters? She couldn’t confess to being a diehard fan, but she knew their singles from listening to the radio for the past 15 years. And she finally recognized Taylor from their music videos on MTV.

“I hope this doesn’t change anything,” he’d said.

She took a sip of her coffee and mulled this over. They had chemistry, there was no denying that. They talked and texted for hours at a time. She opened up to him about things she hadn’t told her closest friends. It had been a long time since she felt this safe with a man.

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Apparently it is a wet night ;-)


Wisdom and truth from foofan606


Wisdom and truth from foofan606


<3 your foofictioncollective friends love you… 


<3 your foofictioncollective friends love you… 

The Kings of Second Chances - Chapter 5 - Lauren


Chapter 5 is here! It’s time to show some love to our favorite record producer! This chapter comes to us courtesy of nowaybackfic we hope you love it! Any guesses who’s coming in chapter 6?


“Newsflash… Los Angeles is hot.” Lauren sighed, taking a sip of her iced latte then pressing the cool plastic cup to the side of her neck, tilting her head to the left.

“Get used to it girly,” Shirley replied in her charming Scottish brogue. “La La Land is hot as balls.”

“Why did you drag me here?” Lauren whined.

“Because you get me, darling,” Shirley said throwing her arm around Lauren’s shoulders as they strolled through The Grove, the California sun beating down on the outdoor shopping complex. “Very few people get me, especially in this town. I had to import you.”

“Fine fine fine, flattery will get you everywhere. Now can we please meander towards Barney’s? It smells like New York in there, and there are these gold Phillip Lim trousers we need to get you in.”

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The Kings of Second Chances - Chapter 3 - Molly


Chapter 3 is here! We are super excited about this one as it is the first ever piece of fiction our darling binkytittington has written about the Foo’s! After reading this we can’t help but wonder what took her so long! Hope you love it as much as we do!


Molly had only been in LA for three days. She’d arrived early Friday morning, and was met at LAX by her new assistant, Tiff. Tiff had helped her with her backpack and single suitcase into a taxi, and to her new apartment in Culver City. Without time for a shower or change of clothes, Tiff had then ushered her into another taxi to the radio studio, to be briefly introduced to her new colleagues with a quick tour of the studio and board that would be home for the next six months. At lunchtime she was shuttled, with a dozen or so of her new workmates, to a local bar for food and cocktails. She held up well until 7pm, when the time difference, lack of sleep and too much booze finally got to her. Tiff took her back in a taxi to her new home, and left her there, with a two litre bottle of water, a box of Tylenol, and the apartment’s wifi code. Once home, she liberated her sleeping bag from the rest of her luggage, and crawled inside. For the next 14 hours.

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With the beard and the teeth….!

The Kings of Second Chances - Chapter 2 - Chris and Maura


Greetings Foo Friends! We hope you’re loving the beginnings of this new story. In Chapter Two (written by the fab anotherroundfanfic) we take a step inside the world of Chris Shiflett via his ladyfriend, Maura. Let us know how you like this new project! xo - FFC


Maura slowly inhaled, letting the oxygen fill her lungs to their capacity. She was relieved that what felt like a never-ending shift was finally over. The hospital had recently assigned her to the transplant team. She had already seen lung, kidney, and liver transplants within the past week, and in the next few days, she was scheduled to see her first heart transplant.

Her job as a nurse anesthetist was highly demanding, yet doable and thrilling. It required lots of twelve-hour shifts, sometimes double and triple the amount if something went wrong. Nonetheless, this was exactly what she wanted to do. She loved to work in the hospital but longed for more than just bedside care. Five years ago she had decided to pursue her master’s degree and after a lengthy couple of years she had graduated.

“Are you working tomorrow?” Alex asked.

Alex was the anesthesiologist Maura worked alongside that flirted with her consistently. He was tall and lean,  with broad shoulders and deep brown eyes.  If she didn’t already have a boyfriend she probably would have considered him, but his pushy attitude and cocky demeanor were enough to send her over the edge.

“No, I’m off tomorrow.”

She gave him a warm smile, hoping that he would simply disappear out of her sight.

“That’s a shame, I was looking forward to having you by my side.” He gave her an arrogant smile, which only furthered her frustration with him. “Are you doing anything tonight?” He pressed.

Doing her best to maintain her composure, she disposed of her gloves in the trash then proceeded to take off her mask and gown. She let out a heavy sigh, exhausted from not only the surgery, but also Alex’s persistence.

“I’m going to dinner with Chris tonight, so yes.”

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nowaybackfic sending me some snail mail lovin&#8217;&#160;!! Bestest friend ever :-*

nowaybackfic sending me some snail mail lovin’ !! Bestest friend ever :-*

Anonymous asked: You know what I think? Every few months someone should take a vote and do honorable mention. Best leading character, best sex scene, best time jump, ect. Ect. Best Dave fix best Taylor fix and so on..just a thought


Hilariously enough, when we first formed and realized we had writers from all over the world, we joked about a Foo Fiction Olympics.

We kind of love the idea and once our first story is a little more underway we’ll begin plotting how to make something fun like this happen!

xo - FFC

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